Sink or Swim is the eight episode of Gaia Guardians.

Summary Edit

Audrey is challenged by Sunny and Selena for the title of the school’s top athlete. Unfortunately, the final round is a swimming race and Audrey cannot swim.

Plot Edit

After getting in trouble for bullying Kent, Sunny and Selena challenge Audrey to as sports competition and she accepts. They tell her the last competition is a swimming race. Audrey cannot swim but pretend she can. Brooklyn offers to teach her but as the contest is in three days her how to swim she does not have enough time. Brooklyn suggests she back out but Audrey refuses to let her pride down. She finds a hidden room full of magical gems in the tower and finds a stone that allows her control water but to a weaker extent than Brooklyn. The other three try to discourage her but she claims that Brooklyn is just jealous and Kent and Sam are traitors. The game goes on and the girls are tied 3:3:3. It is time for the swimming competition. The stone sinks to the bottom of the pool and is crushed by the water pressure. Audrey begins to drown but is saved by Brooklyn. The twins are declared the winners by default but are unsatisfied. Audrey apologizes to her friends and they make up, Brooklyn offering to teach Audrey how to swim. Goldenstreak, however, has Audrey cleaning the tower’s floors for an entire week for stealing and destroying the stone.