Never Look a Gaia Horse in the Mouth is the third episode of the second season of Gaia Guardians and the thirteenth episode overall.

Summary Edit

A Gaia Soldier’s Sleipnir (an eight-legged horse) escapes and wreaks havoc on Doveport and the Gaia Warriors try to capture and destroy it. Gilda, however, befriends it and tries to hide it.

Plot Edit

A Gaia Soldier’s Sleipnir breaks out and runs mad around Doveport. Goldenstreak sends the Gaia Guardians to kill it even though they don’t want to (especially Sam who is still traumatized over what happened to Snakesong) and keeps Gilda in the tower to train and protect her. Gilda who is jealous of the Guardians’ adventures and bored of her sheltered life decides to break out and runs into the horse. She finds it injured and heals it, deciding to bring it back to the tower. However, she befriends it and calls her Silvia. The Guardians and Goldenstreak find them and Goldenstreak is unable to convince her that it should be killed. When Gaia Soldiers attack them and Silvia and Gilda help to fight back, with Silvia saving Stonestrike, Goldenstreak makes Gilda a Gaia Guardian under the name Crownjewel and gives her a costume and rapier. However, he warns the Guardians to not let anything happen to her.