Just the Beginning is the tenth episode of Gaia Guardians. It is the first season finale. It is an hour long.

Summary Edit

Silverstripe and Snakesong launch an all-out attack.

Plot Edit

Sam finally asks Brooklyn out but their date is interrupted by Silverstripe, Snakesong and the Soldiers raging war on Doveport. When the Guardians attack them, a Soldier severs the ties they have to Goldenstreak, allowing Goldenstreak to come out and fight alongside the Guardians. There, Snakesong reveals his upcoming death and his heir, Gilda Harrison. Goldensteak and Stonestrike are shocked. When Silverstripe and Snakesong go after Gilda and kidnap her to their lair. Stonestrike convinces Goldenstreak to let them handle the Soldiers while he finds Gilda. When he finds her he explains what is happening and who she is. The Soldiers rush in beaten and Guardians come to help Goldenstreak and Gilda. Silverstripe and Snakesong and the remaining Soldiers attack them when they try to escape and kidnap Gilda again. Cinderscorch saves Gilda and she falls in love with him. Snakesong attacks Cinderscorch but is accidently killed, horrifying Cinderscorch and Silverstripe. The Guardians escape with Gilda and bring her back to the tower and explain everything to her before turning back human. Shocked, Gilda recognizes not only Sam but Audrey as well, calling her ‘little sis.’

In the Underworld, Silverstripe mourns her husband and sets out to destroy the Sam, Gilda and Goldenstreak.