“And when you're beautiful...
It's a beautiful freaking day!”
―Two of Gilda's lines in Beautiful.

Gilda Harrison is one of Gaia Guardians’ main characters as of Season 2 and Goldenstreak's heir; the future Gaia Princess and, later, Gaia Queen. Gilda is 17 years old when the series begins and attends Goldwood High with Sam Rowan. She is Audrey's older half-sister by their father. She is represented by the colors yellow, black and gold and the shape of a heart.

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Gilda was born to a wealthy family, goes to Goldwood High and is its most popular student. She is destined to become the next Gaia Princess and, later, Gaia Queen.

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Gilda is tall and slender with a curvy hourglass figure. She has brown eyes, dark skin and long, thick, curly golden hair. She wears beautiful, expensive dark to medium clothes, as well as jewelry and make-up. She is considered to be absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

Personality Edit

Gilda, being popular, is vain and loves being the center of attention. She is very prideful and boastful in her family, looks and high grades. When Sam starts to show interest in her she teases Brooklyn’s jealousy and constantly hits on him. She spends her money recklessly on make-up and clothes.

Despite all this, she is actually, behind Kent, one of the kindest and warm-hearted characters in the show. While still spoiled, slightly naive, perhaps shallow and maybe even a bit selfish at times, when it comes right down to it, she is a loyal friend and doesn't use her money or popularity as an excuse to treat everyone like garbage—in fact, she uses it to treat her friends. She is very affectionate to people she is close to like Sam—even those she isn’t close to, like Audrey, who is her little half-sister, and Brooklyn, who she fights with for Sam’s heart. However, both are aloof and bitter towards her. That doesn’t stop her though. She is very cheerful, optimistic and not afraid to step into battle and fight alongside others. While she was never a coward, she grows braver and more mature, groomed by Goldenstreak to become the next Gaia Princess after his death. She truly does love Sam and does not flirt with him just because he saved her or to make Brooklyn jealous.

She seems to be rather oblivious, not noticing Sam’s jealousy towards her before joining the team, Audrey’s bitterness or how Goldenstreak treats the Guardians badly compared to her or how annoyed the other Guardians are over it.


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  • The name Gilda is an English name. In English, the meaning of the name Gilda is: Golden. This is a reference to her hair color and one of her signature colors.